2013 in review

The wonderful WordPress helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for my blog. Want to take a look see?

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 1,900 times in 2013. If it were a cable car, it would take about 32 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

… Readers from 73 different countries – not bad. But my new years resolution (like most bloggers) will be to
Create more. Write more. Share more.

A big THANK YOU to all my readers and shoppers. Without you there would only be me … In a tiny room … overflowing with funny tees, silly dolls and mountains of scrap fabrics.

Oops I did it again.

Every year around this time something happens to my sewing machine. Usually it’s that I break something on it … Something I don’t have the skill to fix properly. But this year it’s a little bit worse…

I’ve lost the cord to plug it into the wall during our most recent move.

I like to think I’m handy, but that’s one thing I cannot recreate with plastic bottles and tin foil. No MacGyver stories here today.

We moved over a month ago, and by now I’ve been through, or put away all of the items from the boxes around the house. Yet, I still not have found this one small black cord. My theory for most things is that whenever you’re looking for something you’re never actually going to find it… So tonight I’ve decided NOT to look for it.

Yes. If its meant to be it will return itself to ME.

But truth be told,  I’m rather impatient. For example, when I realize I need a haircut it’s something that has to happen immediately. Like right within that ten minutes of discovery.  Rarely can I wait until the following day, let alone another week, to book an appointment or even arrange for a skilled friend to do it. After driving my family crazy, pacing about and frantically cleaning something while I “wait” I usually end up cutting it myself. Not an awful solutions – but its a perfect example of my impatience.

That being said not sure how long I’m going to be able to “not look” for this missing cord.

Update: Distracting myself by finally writing a blog post was just making me want to sew more. Quite the opposite of what I had hoped. So I dug out an old 1970’s machine a friend loaned me a million years ago and, like most old things, it works perfectly fine. So there. I found a solution… And I think I’m off to sew

I neeeeed my computer back

My lovely computer was ripped from my clutch just after Christmas for a much needed repair. Ok it wasn’t so much ripped, but broken or not, it was really hard to let it go. Everything I do is o n there – years of work, photos, event plans … And my memory is garbage so recalling these items from in there wad not going to work.

I’ve been borrowing friends computers here and there, chillin ay Tim Hortons to use the free WiFi … And now I’ve bundled my butt up like the kid in a Christmas story and made the trek to the downtown library. Ok, again.. I parked the car and “trecked” across two parking lots. They were big. And its freakin freezing!!

I tell you, the weather in Ontario this year is crazier than the chaos that goes on inside my head. 16 beautiful degrees one day – minus nine the next!!  So here i sit with a bundle of others, patiently waiting for the doors to be unlocked into the magical world of knowledge. but by golly, i find myself a little stunned that i wasnt the only person waiting here in the cold. once again i have caught myself stereotyping the folks around me.. but i classified the people who actually WAIT for the library to open as nerds. What are you going in there for? What is it that you are so eager to get at?? Inside is packed with even more early birds. Some just sitting here reading the paper. Most elderly, which for the story in my head that’s more acceptable than the young folk lining up…. and me? I’m supposed to be here to work.

Lots to do this chilly morning… but had to clear my head a bit before i dive into the planning and posting of my REthreaded Fashion Show and the Bloomin Earth Festival. Which is also another reason i need my computer back. i am NOT going to sit here waiting for the library to open EVERY morning. I will admit though… somehow its easier to write here in the giant room filled with knowledge and bright lights rather than at home in a room of craft projects or the dimly lit kitchen. Time to get me some bright lights…

ooh totally unrelated, and a wee bit more interesting than my rant…

My daughter’s school is starting a magazine. Guess that’s more “now” than a newspaper like i had in school… but she is THRILLED to be on it. excited actually. and even more so that she was the only one in her class. She’s wants to be on the team of editors. sigh. I just have to say she’s so amazing, somedays it shocks me. What a great kid.

plus (took me a few years) but THIS IS MY 200th POST!! parrrrty!

calls for a little something special … stay tuned today to facebook or twitter for my nifty surprise!


Being in a doodley mood seems to be contagious. Not only did I hear stories this weekend of two new little friends who doodled their hearts out thanks to my works, but my very own kid wanted to get into the latest project.


After seeing my own Christmas tags, my dear friend joked if I could make her some. Of course I did, and tonight in the workshop we are colouring …


Icky sicky


Neocitran and doodling is where my plans lie tonight … And even that is becoming a stretch. My brain does not want to operate today and my body parts are screing in pain at random intervals… ooh my back. Oh my thigh. Ugh my side. Oh my ankle… It’s like a strange sick dance that I’m glad nobody gets to see. Come on neocitran – do your magic!