The princess and her rebel

Ever been out driving and took a corner to fast or snuck out to a rooftop, where no one should be, and thought “yes! More of that please” ? Today I realized, while I live this reserved, mediocre (boring) princess-in-a-tower kinda life, something in me craves the fast, wild and dangerous. And while my personal sense of danger is not exactly what everyone else in the world would consider risky, its far beyond what this princess was able to experience from the safety of her tall tall tower. 

Lately I had a deep desire for a different kind of job, and I was really regretting not going to school for nursing or forensic sciences. At first I thought it was just because I was watching too much “Walking Dead” and felt I needed a skill, but today I realized it was actually because there is more potential for danger and risk than what I was getting sitting behind my boring computer in a boring office all day. Sure there are funny stories, but I’m not saving the world here. 

The over-dramatized recollections of my day are more for me, to convince myself yes indeed you are being “risky” … But really quite silly because I’m not at all. 

I used to opt for the clear calculated solutions to problems, but no one gets anywhere like that these days. Not with a business, and not in life

The little things I do, like drive too fast around corners, eating a great before I pay for the bundle, or turn off the GPS and try to find my own way home are my princess ways of getting a little dangerous… I’m still in training afterall. I haven’t traded my shiny ballet shoes in for the muddy combat boots just yet. 

But thankfully I keep a real risky person nearby as best I can. Close enough to be my favorite person in fact.

Now remember, I’m not talking about a gun-slinging, drug dealing psycho … No no. More like a rebel. a kind hearted bad guy who breaks the rules but never with the intent to harm a person. Like Disney’s rapunzel and her dangerous boy – yes! Exactly like that. That’s my life completely … Ooh maybe I need to ask for some royalties or something. 


The scene where she is out of her tower for the first time, and she’s torn between wonder and fear – that’s literally how I felt the first time he took me to Toronto.


… Happy, excited, amazed … And suddenly nervous. Was that a gunshot? Lets go see what are those people doing on that dark alley .. oh that’s a bad idea? Why?

He speaks of the bad in the world, and I listen in awe. some things are hard to grasp because they are so far beyond the walls of my Disney fairytale, but I wouldn’t give any of the knowledge back now that I have it. 

He drives the sportsbike, and I hold on real tight behind him. He maintains clear control as he spins the car through snow, and I just smile. He’s covered in tattoos and I might have met my threshold with the single one I got as a kid. He is my thrill and excitement. He is my  opposite, and to me, we fit perfectly. 


There are many couples I know who are not opposites, but almost as though they’ve been cut from the same rock. Match so perfectly, same tastes, same styles. But I wonder … are there others out there whose favorite person happens to be their complete opposite?


Oops I did it again.

Every year around this time something happens to my sewing machine. Usually it’s that I break something on it … Something I don’t have the skill to fix properly. But this year it’s a little bit worse…

I’ve lost the cord to plug it into the wall during our most recent move.

I like to think I’m handy, but that’s one thing I cannot recreate with plastic bottles and tin foil. No MacGyver stories here today.

We moved over a month ago, and by now I’ve been through, or put away all of the items from the boxes around the house. Yet, I still not have found this one small black cord. My theory for most things is that whenever you’re looking for something you’re never actually going to find it… So tonight I’ve decided NOT to look for it.

Yes. If its meant to be it will return itself to ME.

But truth be told,  I’m rather impatient. For example, when I realize I need a haircut it’s something that has to happen immediately. Like right within that ten minutes of discovery.  Rarely can I wait until the following day, let alone another week, to book an appointment or even arrange for a skilled friend to do it. After driving my family crazy, pacing about and frantically cleaning something while I “wait” I usually end up cutting it myself. Not an awful solutions – but its a perfect example of my impatience.

That being said not sure how long I’m going to be able to “not look” for this missing cord.

Update: Distracting myself by finally writing a blog post was just making me want to sew more. Quite the opposite of what I had hoped. So I dug out an old 1970’s machine a friend loaned me a million years ago and, like most old things, it works perfectly fine. So there. I found a solution… And I think I’m off to sew

Getting back into sketching

Seeing all these amazing summer scenes sketches from our friends, I figured it was high time to bring back our own “sketch a day” challenge. Bee and I attempted this a few years ago, but life got busy …and it fizzled out.

It was a great bonding time for us, sitting and talking about what was memorable in our day, and usually laughing so hard neither of us could actually draw anything. It kept my brain organized too .. or maybe it was the designated creative time…

We started with doodlers anonymous contest to sketch a portrait. This was a HUGE challenge for me (gosh darn noses!) in skill and confidence. I had to find something good about my face – and not draw it like a beastly alien girl – which is what I see sometimes. Bee did a great job, so quick and easy. I love that she’s so proud of herself.


Mine… After many attempts


Now that its done of course, I can breathe and … I actually like the pic. Well, its not hideous and all scratchy like a cat drew it with their eyes closed.

All in all, this time, if I can get my calendar in order, I hope bee will have an opportunity to meet some great artists at the kw urban sketch meetups, rather than my lessons based on faint memories of high school art class.

So hopefully this is the first of many for us.

My sketch of a berry tree (crabapple?)


Bees closeup sketch of the tree


Solstice festival in Toronto junction, June 22nd

Finally, for the first time ever, I am packed before midnight the night before a show … And I’m even relaxing here on the couch. I’m not frantically sewing last minute projects, or even colouring cards. I am writing here on this lil bloggety-blog… But I’m not “working”

And what show, you ask??
The Summer Solstice Festival, in the Junction neighbourhood!! Crafts, games, music and shopping… Perfect celebration for the first few days of summer.



I will have the UROCK tent setup just beyond the festival borders, at Dundas st. west and Quebec ave – out front of Wise Daughter Craft Market.


Stop by if you’re in the area to shop from my collection of silly baby tees from 10am-5pm, as well as check out the NEW bead decorated denim skirts and NEW recycled tote bags.


You can even paint a rock to look just like you. ($2/rock… And yes, I have the rocks!)

** Festival runs from 12noon-midnight, but I will be setup at Wise Daughter from 10am-5pm

Me, as a rock


Haven’t painted in a long long long time, but here i am … Painted on a rock. It was our rainy day lazy activity. First we had to gather some rocks. Thankfully there are tons of construction areas around us to satisfy our need. Paints, brushes… all found in our super crafty room…  And low and behold, We became forever etched on solid rock. That means we are famous, right??

Thanks to this lazy day craft, I decided to alter the Summer Solstice Festival craft slightly, and now have the kids create rock versions of themselves! Yep. Cute aaaaand a perfect way to embrace what makes them “awesome”!

Be sure to stop by Wise Daughter during the Summer Solstice Festival and make a YOU ROCK with U ROCK ($2-4/piece) … We have some rocks, but feel free to bring your own. Paints and brushes are supplied.